EdTech Solutions for Training Engagement in Clip Corporate Culture

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D. Aslamazishvili


Nowadays organizations are facing challenges which cannot be resolved by the traditional managerial solutions. EdTech area has a relatively short history, it is a sphere in dynamic development process. Learning and Development practices in organizations tend to integrate and use the novelties from different training platforms. It stared with Excel, E-mails and Google Docs and today is present by complex solutions in Training Management Systems. The dynamism, uncertainty and high competition in business organizations make them adapt their learning systems and corporate cultures. From the comparative values organizational culture framework of Robert E. Quinn and Kim S. Cameron 1 companies are moving to ‘clip’ corporate culture and need of a different AI-based and scenario-based training system approaches.

learning and development, training management systems, EdTech, clip thinking, corporate culture, symbolic, simulacra, training engagement
Published: Dec 28, 2023

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Aslamazishvili, D. (2023). EdTech Solutions for Training Engagement in Clip Corporate Culture. Business Administration Research Papers, 8(b). https://doi.org/10.62232/barp.8.2023.7434
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